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Ancestral Songs

A Barque in the Harbour
Lady Margaret
Lord Bateman
Early Spring
The Green Shores of Fogo
My Gallant Brigantine
The Dole Song
Bold Lamkin
I'll Hang My Harp
Thomas the Rhymer

Seven Years (2002)

Seven Years was released seven years after Pamela’s first solo CD, named both for that fact, and for the title song, a traditional ballad. The album features two traditional songs and original material described as a “fascinating life’s study by a powerful, spiritual singer” by Billboard Magazine.

The album features songs of love and loss, hope and despair. There is a poignant ballad about a friend with alzheimer's disease, a song in French featuring a Greek bouzouki virtuoso, a foray into the world of jazz. Morgan is spreading her wings, testing her boundaries, stretching out from the traditional world while still remaining true to it. "Ye Rambling Boys" is a classic, and Pamela's arrangement of "Seven Years" has been covered by countless young musicians, another testament to the incredible influence Morgan continues to have on a generation who follows.