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Ancestral Songs

A Barque in the Harbour
Lady Margaret
Lord Bateman
Early Spring
The Green Shores of Fogo
My Gallant Brigantine
The Dole Song
Bold Lamkin
I'll Hang My Harp
Thomas the Rhymer

Ancestral Songs (2005)

Ancestral songs is a collection of traditional songs of Newfoundland and Labrador which Pamela learned directly from singers in the oral tradition. The album was recorded in England with just Pamela's pure voice and distinctive guitar style, and Chris leslie of Fairport Convention contributing violin on four tracks. It is a pause and a reflection in Pamela's storied career- songs that, as she put it, "somehow got left behind."

From the liner Notes-

Across the wide ocean, in sailing ships, these songs traveled with the settlers from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. They survived many more generations on our shores, in clapboard houses clinging to to rugged cliffs, around woodstoves in deep winter, accompanied by howling northeast gales. It is there that I found them. I am honoured to be a voice for these songs, and for the singers who have gone before me. Intertwined are also the spirits of those who inspired me to go searching- Ches Skinner, Laverne Squires, Philip Dinn, Anita Best, Des Walsh, and our absent friends; Emile Benoit, Neil Murray, Noel Dinn .