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All the Pretty Flowers - Pamela Morgan

I could write volumes on this subject - in fact, I have - but have distilled it in this song. I am of the generation of artists in NL who began the cultural revolution and watched it evolve. I knew the singers and saw the end of that era. I guess I'm an old fart now, resisting and complaining about the changes. But who could have known how it would all evolve? Did we have to become a caricature of ourselves?
The song is based upon a tune I learned from Emile Benoit many moons ago. He called it "The Grumbling old Man and Woman" Yes, indeed!


See the natives dancing, tour bus arrives at three
Trained seals, a soiree circus, stolen dignity
Pale shadows dreaming in a replica of home
Forgotten spirits sighing while the icebergs moan

All the pretty flowers plucked then cast away
Green leaves left to wither and the roots decay

The keepers of the culture saw their birthright sold
Forget about the fishery, rush for the gushing black gold
Grand place to buy up heaven, summer place around the bay
Abandoned by the locals who could not afford to stay

Is there a lonely listener to the dark and crashing tide
Ancient songs 'til starset, false gaiety defied
Too many tears have fallen, too many storms have raged
While the drunken sailor dances on the stage