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Prince of Darkness - Pamela Morgan

We've all met the "Prince of Darkness", in the form of addiction, depression, cruel fate. Whatever form it takes, it takes courage and strength to break free.

I first wrote this song many years ago, but wasn't completely happy with the lyric. When my corporate sponsor RENASCENT (an addictions treatment centre) came on board, I finally found the missing piece of the puzzle!

I love the dynamics in the piano in this song - something (in my opinion) you just don't get with a synthesized instrument, however clever. I also love the way all of the instruments speak to each other in this song, so I left it kind of sparse.


Goodbye, prince of darkness, there's changes on the wind
The spell is finally broken, and this long night must end
When did I start to love you more than I love myself
Loving you I wasn't able to love anybody else

Goodbye, prince of darkness, I won't be what you see
And fall from grace and power, fulfill your prophesy
Down, down in your sad soul, my love just fades away
My pearls turn into pebbles, and rainbows turn to gray

Goodbye, prince of darkness, I must away, be free
The night has been too long, too long, and the soft light beckons me
How I long to laugh and sing, to dance, even to dream
But most of all to find a way to break away, be free