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The Rose and the Briar - Pamela Morgan

In Barbry Ellen, the briar and the rose grow into a true love's knot and entertwine. One day when I was looking out my window at a rose tree and thinking about the rose and the briar, this song just sort of arrived on its own. I love it when that happens, but it's rare, at least for me.


A rose in the wildwood blooming
The briar admired the rose

There were sweet scented blossoms plenty
The briar befriended the rose

And the rose embraced the briar
The briar desired the rose

But the gentle rose could never tell the briar
Of a longing to be free
And the briar was blinded by love
Couldn't see, couldn't see

The rose slowly fading
The rose was slowly fading
The briar lamented the rose