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Travellers - Pamela Morgan

This song went through a few metamorphoses while I wrestled with myself over the sentiment and lyrics. Songs like this were common in the sixties when an optimisim seemed to prevail and peace seemed possible. Now it seems the white dove is in hiding, as are the idealists and pacifists, and the world seems a much darker place. But in the larger picture, we are really just "a moment's sunlight fading in the grass", and "such stuff as dreams are made on" as Prospero said. I also have him (William Shakespeare) to thank for the lyric "vanish into air." Marion Fleetwood is doing BG vocals and strings. Beautiful!


Just like a bird who seeks her nest
The weary traveller needs to rest
Still we spend our precious lives
scrambling for the prize
Never remembering who we are
Travellers on a star
We're not going very far

Our fellow pilgrims on the path
Are pushed aside so we can pass
And if we fear we're left behind
We find a reason to rob them blind
Have we forgotten who we are
Travellers on a star
Travellers on a star

Somebody's dreaming us tonight
But we'll be gone by morning's light
And all the wars and grief and care
vanish into air
Have we forgotten who we are
Travellers on a star
Travellers on a star

Moon Over Harbour Buffett